Sheryl Fiegel

ART+Specialists LC was started in 1996 with the goal of offering a wide-range of art advisory services based on museum standards. The company continues to provide assistance including art acquisition, appraisals, collection management, and exhibition development to the nation’s top firms, corporations, organizations, and institutions, as well as to private collectors.

The leadership position is held by Sheryl Fiegel, a trained art historian with more than three decades of professional experience. Fiegel holds BA and MA degrees in Art History and possesses the requisite knowledge to recognize quality. She was an Accredited Member of the American Society of Appraisers for twenty years, so studied and applied the association of quality to value.

Her graduate school thesis in modern architecture provided Fiegel with a life-long appreciation of good design and she has been a Professional Affiliate member of the American Institute of Architects since 1976. Other professional associations include ArtTable, a national membership organization for women leaders in the visual arts.

The dynamic relationship between quality, value, and good design is the basis of a unique skill set Sheryl Fiegel presents to clients. Her strong academic perspective and profound respect for fine art bring a high level of credibility and integrity to each and every project.

Sheryl Fiegel photo